Great, Fun Exercise For Your Lower Back!

Let's spend a few minutes looking for Dory on the bottom of the sea! Yes, you heard that right.

This exercise is called "Sea Weed Legs" and it's a fun way to remove the tension in your lower back. You can even do it with the grandkids for a fun activity to share; they'll love it!

Start out lying on the floor, on your back, with your feet flat and knees bent.

Lengthen your spine and relax your shoulders.

Breathe deeply as you gently raise both legs straight up into the air, feet toward the sky.

Pretend you are lying on your back, on the floor of the ocean.

Let the current gently move your legs around. They can go back and forth, side to side, or move around in any way you feel the current is going, as long as it’s slight, and gentle.

This feels really good and it’s fun to imagine all the fish swimming by – Nemo, Dory, Sponge Bob…

Continue breathing deeply and moving your legs gently for one to two minutes.

Then roll over into a fetal position on your side so that you can easily push yourself back up into a seated position with your hands and arm.

We are all so very busy and rarely take the time to just relax our back like this, but It’s so good for us!

We should take the time to relax our backs at least a couple of times a week.

Try this one once week and then try Legs Up The Wall next time.

Here’s a video of Legs Up The Wall. Do it with me now and see for yourself how lovely it feels!

Best of Health,


Do you know what’s causing your back pain?

I know that both Oprah and my sister will be very unhappy with this recommendation, but high heels are not good for our backs, so you should avoid wearing them. There, I said it. Lightning did not strike me down, nor did the roof cave in!  

high heels These may be pretty, but your back will say - OUCH!

For proper posture and alignment, wear heels no higher than one inch. I’m happy with this recommendation because I’ve always been very uncomfortable in three or four inch heels. I know many women who feel naked without their high heels; the problem is that high heels not only throw off your posture and alignment, but they can cause foot injuries as well, which then aggravates back pain. Even the Mayo clinic recommends against high heels. Today, all the doctors I know recommend pumps or a similar shoe with a small heel to avoid these problems.

low heel shoe

Here's a lovely pair with a lower heel...

Now, if you have a special occasion coming up – holiday party or family dinner out, and you feel heels are necessary, wear them and try not to walk very far in them. It’s good not to feel deprived. Just don’t wear high heels to work every day!

Best of Health,