Sleeping Pigeon

Sleeping Pigeon is one of my favoritesThis yoga pose stretches all of the muscles along the path that your sciatic nerve travels. I find this particular yoga pose elicits the largest number of OMG! responses—after people have done the relaxation technique I recommend, of course.

Begin in the Downward Facing Dog pose with your weight on all four limbs, stretching your buttocks up toward the ceiling while at the same time stretching your heels toward the floor. If this is not possible for you, begin kneeling in a sort of table position, with your back flat

Bring your right knee forward and place it between your hands on the floor with the lower leg angled slightly toward your left wrist. Lower your body down on top of the legs as far as possible (you can hold yourself up with your hands or arms) and stretch the left leg out straight behind you.

Relax and breathe deeply for two minutes.

To come out of the position, place your palms under your shoulders, inhale, and press into your palms as you lift your body back to Downward Facing Dog Pose or back to table position.

Repeat with the opposite leg.

Sleeping Pigeon modified

sleeping pigeon modified

Sleeping Pigeon full stretch

Sleeping pigeon full