Quick Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief with Coaching

I've helped THOUSANDS of people find relief from

Sciatic Nerve Pain - Now it's your turn! 

Here is a package of my best selling products for relieving your Sciatic Nerve or Piriformis Syndrome Pain!  

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This Package includes:

  • "Get Rid Of Sciatic Pain For Good" DVD - Three exercises that anyone can do to prevent Sciatic Nerve Pain from becoming a frequent visitor!
  • Two of my Tension Tamer Balls and the eBook that shows how to use these wonderful, squishy, four inch balls to massage your piriformis muscle, neck and shoulders, legs and more, for relief of pain all over your body.
  • Unlimited access to Bye Bye Sciatica, the Ten Video Series. These short videos are chock full of exercises, tips, and techniques to help you sit, sleep, walk, travel, and exercise without pain!
  • A 60 minute personalized wellness session in person, by Skype, or telephone.

Imagine living your life pain free - sleeping, sitting, traveling and even exercising again without pain!

You Deserve To Live Pain Free!

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