Get Rid Of Sciatic Pain

PainRelief_DVD Front Cover OnlyAt last - a simple, three exercise program to help you say GOODBYE to piriformis syndrome or sciatic nerve pain, without medication, and to keep it away for good! Best of all, these exercises work for any leg or low back pain. They open your hip joints, bringing you the flexibility that helps keep arthritis and osteoporosis away, enabling you to enjoy your life again. Kathi demonstrates several different ways to do these exercises so that everyone can do them!



Jackie's Thrilled with her Sciatic Pain Relief!

Here's some more great results!:

"I came to Kathi's class one night in pain and she showed me "Sleeping Pigeon" and my pain went away instantly. I do this exercise every day now and have been pain free for over a year!" 
C. K. Breezy Point, MD.

"I can't tell you how good it feels not to have any leg pain after a year and a half! There aren't words to describe how grateful I am for Kathi's help."
D.G.   Solomons Island, MD.

"My husband couldn't sleep one night due to really bad sciatic pain so I showed him "Sleeping Pigeon" which Kathi had taught just that same day and to his amazement it worked! He was able to go to sleep and he's been practicing it faithfully every day since." 
J.C. Chesapeake Beach, MD.

"My Sciatica has gone away! Not one day of pain in over a year." A.G. Hollywood, MD .

"Do the exercises faithfully and your pain will not come back to visit - and that's one visitor you'll be glad to never see again!"