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Your Personalized Training for Back, Neck, Hip, Knee or Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief is Here!

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Your individualized coaching includes:

  • Complete wellness assessment.
  • Analysis of daily patterns that may be aggravating your back, neck, knee or other pain.
  • Creating a crystal clear vision of your ideal physical self.
  • Uncovering the hidden challenges that are sabotaging your efforts.
  • Specific exercises to improve posture and walking patterns.
  • I share everything in my toolbox that could benefit you!

Special – $200.00 for 3 sessions

Restore your energy, vitality, and self confidence today!

Hear Kathi give some simple techniques for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief in one of her trainings:

Sign me up!  $85.00/session

  Special – $200.00 for 3 sessions

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